Confessions II

by mudrhetoric

I don’t think I could tell you a single that I liked.
I don’t think I could explain to you why I am reading the books I am reading.
I can’t even explain what it is that I am here.
In the class.
Sitting here.
Doing nothing.
Accomplishing nothing.
Achieving nothing.

I’m in New Mexico – for what reason?
I’m getting a PhD – for what reason?
I don’t know anything.
Other than that I am angry.
I see no point.

(This is pointless, but less.
pointless than what I’m going
through now, so slightly less
pointless, but pointless

(None of it makes sense to

(I simply am a collection of
useless facts, useless
knowledge, uselessness. That
can be a virtue. Can’t it?
Being useless. Useless here.
Maybe, I’m less useless
elsewhere, but I’m here.