Memoried Life

by mudrhetoric

I live because I deserve to suffer.
One day, when it’s cold.
I’ll stop dreaming of oceany depths.

My mind is unravelling.
I’m barely awake.
Joints stiffened from wear.

Names on the tip of my tongue
Seek eludication
An annunciation I’m not fit for.

I’ll die earlier than I might have
Body rent asunder by memory
Times lost and un/misremembeted

I write epistles to myself
A ripping off of the scab
Cowardice’s trenchant command

I ambulate for semblance’s sake
I remained unmoved
Per justice’s dictate

I hope to die painfully
An acolyte cenobite
Dangled on a flesh hook

I force myself to do things
Maybe one of them resolves
And allows me to forget time

I stare into open space
Prostatation to the sun
Translated upon its rays

Subsisting upon warmth
A riddled body
And a diseased mind