Haikus in Danger

by mudrhetoric

AC units jutted to the sky
The sidewalk as a placeholder for a child’s strewn sandals
A rock fall near a water plain

Affulent rose stoned adobe
Behind fences hid
Peaks enough to be noticed by walkers The apotheosis of sin

Adobe house mirrors the sky
Rose tinted hue designed to belie
The sin of its existence

Roughage littered on the walkeay
Or gathered to keep the world at bay
The animal’s revolt against humanity

A scape lieth unclaimed
An unadulterated mount
I must be the first ro see it

Everything breathes
Even those extant no longer
They hunger from beyond

Nature’s power creep
It moves to reclaim its birthright

Images no longer capture the haze
Its aperature is immutable
But the haze is the truth

Clouded glass
Makes it so there are two different worlds