Reactive Haiku 4

by mudrhetoric

The world of dew is,
a world of dew,
but even so

I seem to recall that this poem was composed by Issa upon the death of his child. A commentary on beauty, time, and the inexorability of a thing to be otherwise. I think that this knowledge adds to our understanding of the poem. Oftentimes, folks don’t want to put in the work to try and discover how something came to be, and simply accept it as it is or force the object to conform to their mind so that it aligns were their mode of understanding and appreciation. And I suppose that is one way to work at something, especially since most understanding is built on contrivance (for instance here it’s the contrivance of translation along with aspects of grammar and syntax). But we must always admit that we’re going to miss something, even if the language that it is written in is natural to you. That’s the secret of the craft. Something is always held back. Something that cannot be explained in words. Something that is ultimately ineffable, save to speak of it in a circumcised fashion.

Nigh the waters
A loon sings buoyantly
Now I remember
A quote of Camus