Reactive Haiku 2

by mudrhetoric


The moon and flowers,
forty-nine years,
walking around, wasting time

I often used to contemplate this notion of wasting time. When I was younger I had attended a time-management conference which affected me deeply (or did until very recent). In which the speaker compelled us to look at our life through a more “realistic” prism. He asked us to think about how old we were (16) and tie that number, fractionally, to the average age of death for our biological sex (72), and then to calculate the percentage of life we had used up that point (22 percent). He then went on to point out that nearly a quarter of our life had passed us and what had we done (the more apt question would have been what had he done outside creating this power point presentation). And that mid-life wasn’t 50, it was 35. We start rolling down the hill then. I think the point of the conference was to live life to its fullest but instead it lead to this morbid pondering.


the time that has passed
is time
that has passed