Reactive Haiku 1

by mudrhetoric

This is the first in a series of reactive haiku whereupon a known haiku will lead off the post followed by a vignette and a haiku of my own making.

The originary haiku will be selected on feeling alone and the reaction will be raw.

There is a slight chance that I might return to the reaction, to revise, to return, to reflect.


New Year’s Day –
everything is in blossom!
I feel about average.

I selected this poem because I like the irony of its ending but also the truth of its sentiment. It is easy to get riled up in the histrionics of the revelry of the day, to allow oneself to be engulfed by the sensuous, but the day that follows, is no longer held aloft upon that meteoric rise. All those resolutions made, hollow and full of vainglory. We are then forced to return to who we were (or who we were becoming) and recognize then that we, as Issa, feel about average.


one day passes into another
the last was the same as the first
how was it that we got turned about?