Dearest Hector

by mudrhetoric

Lately, I’ve been drawn to these two videos. They speak to me in such a manner that I’d call them thunderbolts. They’re both necessary touchstones (for one who is desirous of being reflective). Oftentimes we have these lofty aims, these aspirations, and it is easy to get lost in them, in the clouds, in the dreams, but it’s important to realize our relative, comparative nature.

Bly, in this video, touches on many things in which it means to be a man. The movement down – grief, the male mother, and more importantly the idea of desire (drawn from the work of Rumi) and using Shakespeare as the analogy. That a poet desires to be as great as Shakespeare, but they will never attain that, but it is a sweet thing to desire it. To know one’s place in relation is an oft missed important component of the human experience.

Steiner, a polymath many times over. Steiner, a polyglot many times over. Perhaps one of the last Renaissance men (as understood in the classical sense of the concept). Brilliant in ever capacity, and yet he is still left wanting. This video (part 2 of 2) shows him in his most vulnerable state, speaking about those things which the interviewer dared not ask. To know one’s place, to know that one’s place lies amongst the pedagogues and not amongst the genesis, and yet to express great admiration for one’s place. To experience immense joy and happiness related to your position. Here we see the result of the process of enlightenment, and it is this state which we can only hope to aspire too.

It is a rare thing to have a truly close friend. It is a rarer thing still to experience true love. I consider myself lucky to know my dearest Hector.