From a Notebook Lost – The Same and The Other 76

by mudrhetoric

Why is there something rather than nothing? This question has confounded the greatest minds of all time, and I will not claim to know what they do not. But merely present to you a theory of which I agree with concerning this question. I shall now expound the theory to you but more importantly to myself. I should say that there is something instead of nothing based on the simple fact that the latter is an absurdity. But that merely states the obvious. So I must continue on as to be taken as an intellectual scholar. So besides the fat that it is an absurdity. What other reason(s) could there be? Well going on a pure materialistic route, we would have nothing to have, save nothing. And to ground our existence we mus have something in a theoretical sense. Also, if there was nothing what would we have discourse over. For only this but also that. A distinction between the two beginning grounds. I have seen and heard and even spoke on nothing (as such) and am surprised at the level most would speak of this on. For of nothing you can only say this… But they could go on for hours speaking of nothing and saying the same. (I was guilty of this.) But I wonder do they realize that they are saying nothing about nothing. Also, to discuss nothing one must have something. For if one were merely to discuss nothing it would end on this… So something must be interjected for nothing’s discussion to continue. But I have gone off course from the primary thesis of the question mainly: Why is there not nothing where there is now something? But I can say that I am not sure, and an unsure, but still must put forward a thesis. For this table on which i am now writing if it did not exist it would have no effect/affect on me. Especially if it was not here to begin with. Meaning that when I walked into the room where the table resides now, instead in its place was nothing. I would never have noticed the difference. So why nothing/something instead of something/nothing? The question seems to me to only suggest subjective questions. So in any context I could not answer with certainty for it would merely be my opinion. But for the sake of this I will state my opinion regarding this statement. I believe that there is nothing/something rather than something/nothing mainly because of this… but also that. Is this a non answer? In a way! Is it not an answer? In a way! So in a way is in a way in a way!