From a Notebook Lost – The Same and The Other 75

by mudrhetoric

A Decision Must Be Made of this I am sure and certain. For how can we go lest we make a decision to go or to not go. But a decision will be made none-the-less of this I am sure and certain. As i walk each step I take in any direction involves a choice that must be made for if I make not a choice I will be nothing. For to human is to choose. Let me clarify further. To be alive is to choose. Choice is a base truth, a grounding ground, if I may be bold, and i will be so bold as I inferred in this sentence, a moment before, and so I was bold in making my statement. But perhaps I as too bold or not bold enough, but just listen to me ramble on and on about such and such which you care not about unless you are interested in simple psychology, but besides that why would you be interested in the conflict going on inside my mind? You wouldn’t, would you? But all things alive must choose for if they not choose they are not. Choice and existence are tied together, I will not go so far to link being and choice. But choice and existence are tied together of this I am sure. Being and existence are not the same though some will say they are but there is a distinct difference between the two. For existence is a part of being. So that is why I had to make a separation, showing that choice is linked only to existence and not being. For of the one I am sure and to the other the same.