From a Notebook Lost – The Same and The Other 72

by mudrhetoric

Dance of Death: A waltz
Sun rising, sun setting, as it goes, it went.
Birds fly over the graves of heroes and cowards, just the same.
Perched upon the tomb, they sing a tune or requiem.

Moon rising, moon setting, as it comes, it came.
To and fro, to seek and ask, questions and answers.
Wolves wait to devour the living and the dead.
Howling haunts the souls.

Skeletons gaze as we dance upon the bloodied ground.
Rhythmic beats pulsate into our hearts.
As our brains go into a trance-like state.
Meditating on those who have gone before.
The Ancients have become our Myths.

Sun setting, sun rising, as it went, it goes.
To enter the gate of eternities upon eternities.
The lion sitting upon the throne.
Roaring as his power illuminates.

Moon setting, moon rising, as it came, it comes.
Speaking vainness and futility.
The snake slithers unnoticed.
Hissing, it rises to strike.

Dragons fly above the barren, desolate land.
As our frenzied dancing continues on.
Suddenly rising, suddenly falling, day turns to night.
As all the seasons pass in a day.
From life on to death, we dance on.