From a Notebook Lost – The Same and The Other 71

by mudrhetoric

As I was frolicking through the tulips near the end of the path entering into a wooded forest surrounded by a field on one side and a village on one side. A field of poppies and willow trees and dandelions and grass flowing in the wind. Beyond, nearer to the village wheat and fruit trees and gardens of varying shapes and sizes. Sounds of jubilance and dreams come from the village as the fire is lit in the forum. People singing and dancing can be heard. Somewhat like a hymn. The folkish people swinging on each others arms laughing and all together joyful and happy.
“Sweets smelling flowers/long for pretty girls/to place them in/their flowing locks.”
They sing. Lightly, gently, it flows entering my ears to come and look upon this scene. Looking to the trees, fields, the village, Where should I go? So I kneel down and draw a triangle in the dirt and grab a rock close my eyes and drop it into the triangle. As the rock lands I hear another verse to the song.
“Reddish orange leaves/falling among the clovers/blanketing the ground/anticipating the cold.”
My heart leaps within me pulsating to the catchy melody/harmony. I see the rock fall and quickly scuff out the triangle and scurry as a rabbit to the village. Entering the village the sounds of drums gets louder and louder. Entering into the forum I see a mass of people, larger than I expected. As I enter through the arch that leads to the forum, the song and drums stop. And all eyes and faces are upon me. The silence is eerie only because of its suddenness. As I move towards the center they follow me and a rhythm on a drum starts. A voice coming from where I was heading shouts with authority,

“Stop!” Everything stops, even me. In front of me the crowd begins to open as they let this woman through. She is very non-descript, nothing special as far as I can tell. As she reaches me I am forced from behind to kneel before her. She looks down upon me with a piercing gaze. Her lips move as she speaks to me, “

Who might you be? How have you come to be here? Answer boldly for meekness is not tolerated!” “

I am ____! I came to be here while traveling there! My exodus has brought me here for a time! And then I must go there!”

I answer staring into her deep blue eyes, blue as the ocean (green?), blue as they sky.

“Well then welcome to the forum of the village. I am the princess and ruler of this land. Today is the celebration of the harvest. You may join in if you can create a verse to our song of praise to the gods. If not you must go.” As she was speaking the drums being to beat again, and I think of a verse to the harvest.
“The rain falls/as manna from heaven/quenching the needs/of those below.”
Everyone looks to her and she smiles, “Welcome! Eat, drink, be merry! Let us dance and sing!” The celebration is in full swing again and the beat enters into my limbs as I begin to dance with the people. We dance vigorously bouncing from one foot to foot, intertwining our arms, and clapping our hands. As the sun rises the celebration begins to slow, and my journey urges me on. I bow to all and kiss the hand of the princess as I head towards the forest.