From a Notebook Lost – The Same and The Other 68

by mudrhetoric

The rising and falling of the crashing waves on the rocks below the cliffs in the sea lull all who hear into a sonic hypnotic trance. We can learn much from the sea, the rocks, the wind. Those who deny that nature has nothing to teach us reek of such ignorance and arrogance that it causes me to reel back and retch. But on to more important matters, such as, yes, on to matters that do not cause a nauseam inside my belly. Back to the sea, the rocks, the wind. What can we learn? What do we see? Raw power in each. One unseen, one semi-solid (pliable), one solid. In these we contain all the powers known on the earth, as it is now known, and perhaps all that shall be known for all I know. To effect/affect history, to become a force we must adapt to each of these powers (forces). First unseen, where only a select, elect group are behind, supporting a theory, movement. No history is made in a day. It must start here gaining momentum eroding the wrong answers of the past. It lies in secret until one day it jumps out of the shadows and eliminates, terminates the past. Its next step is into a semi-solid (pliable) state. Where it now is noticed, not yet a true force, but a bud, a sapling, needed water to grow and sprout. Now a littler longer, it begins to effect/affect people. People start to notice, join in. No longer is it an intellectual fantasy, but not a becoming reality. But it is not yet history. For it to be history it needs to become solid. Where most accept its existence and none can shake its foundation. It is now in full bloom and its seeks are spreading by the busy bees. Not many reach this final state, to become history, for they are easily shaken, they have no foundation. They were weak, but the masses and crows liked, enjoyed, some type of hedonism from it. But as they do, so did it. It faded away into nothingness to be remembered only for its vainness and futility. We must remember the mistakes of the past as not to repeat them. But I must return to the rock, I misspoke before, a rock can be moved but it is very rare and near impossible to move a rock. A volcano, earthquake, a new idea. But this new idea must have some of old in it. For no one will accept the present without the past. This new idea must have a factual ground. To upset a rock it must not be a hypothesis, it must be a theory. It must also be a rock. It must be accepted before it can destroy a rock. New ideas are created everyday but have no creedance for they are chaff but when the fire comes they are easily consumed. But if it can handle the fire then it can compete and possibly destroy the rock. But just the mere possibility will get an idea remembered, it must destroy the rock to become history.