From a Notebook Lost – The Same and The Other 65

by mudrhetoric

The starlight shone through the window as a spector of the spirits. It shone upon the face of a madman. Piercing his gaze to the sky who condemned him to a life of solace and peace. “But there will be no peace.” the Bible told me once long ago, and it still echoes in my head. Peace exists in the mind of the dead. Looking to my dominion. A barren wasteland of dust and decay. Ashes of the past-trodden down upon by the future-techno-crats. Roaring and screaming are heard in the slight distance. I listen and creep to the back of the cave and cower in fear of what is, and was, and shall come. Ragnarök the doom is entering into the gate of dawn. The bells ring and the gong resounds throughout the emptiness.