From a Notebook Lost – The Same and The Other 63

by mudrhetoric

An unending exodus to a place I know not of but go and stop to this place of which I know not. I quicken my pace as I travel through a forest of oak, ash, and yew trees. The journey is long and tiresome, but I go and go to the final end. I know and know not cause and effect, but it seems to be that a cause and effect are and is and were and shall and will be. So from this spot I shall move in a direction and show of what i know and know not. An analogy, a parable, a story with a moral perhaps will convey what I am trying to convey to you here and here and there and there. “A man was walking in the woods to a place. He comes upon a flowing river and rocks next to the river on the shore. He looks at the river and is startled to see someone staring back at him from underneath the water. He waves./He waves. He touches his face./He touches his face. He sticks out his tongue./he sticks out his tongue. He falls back and sits pondering what he had just happened upon. A world! A new world! A gate to a parallel universe! In awe he sat and thought up a plan to enter this world. He would jump in. So he runs and jumps into the world. Going under he resurfaces and sees that nothing has changed except that he is now cold and wet. Upset he picks up a rock and goes to the water’s edge and looks at the world and throws the rock as hard as he can at the world as it hits the water he collapses unconscious. In a little while he wakes up and his head has a throbbing pain and a rock is laying next to him. He rises and moves on having learned a lesson.”