From a Notebook Lost – The Same and The Other 61

by mudrhetoric

“Oh, these perilous times, which have come upon us, in these years, which started from the beginning and will go to the end, or so it was told to me by those who came before.” When did such times being and when shall they end. “Well, the story begins at the beginning, which was before, and ends when it ends, which will be after.” Such an explanation shows a depth of which I know and know not, but it is esoteric and enigmatic in its nature. So only the select and elect will even claim and understanding of. Of which I am not a part of or so I know and know not. But think and know, why would I proclaim to you the story if you know not of, but of course so you may know and tell others of what you have heard and know and know not of. For you will speak in simple and humble words and many will listen to you, who would not listen to me. For you have an ability to speak to the common man and woman, for in which they will understand and understand not, but still believe for it was you who has proclaimed it. You know not yet, but soon I will go and you will come, and you must proclaim what you have seen and heard and also what you have seen not and heard not. For to understand and understand not they must see and hear of both for they both have importance. Share of what you have with all, and keep none to yourself. For you have much but need little. So keep what you need, but give all else away to those you will meet on your journeys and adventures of which you will have many when I am gone, and you have come. So while I am still here watch closely and listen with intent so you might gain any knowledge I have and have not. For I know and know not when I shall go, but only that I shall go and you will and must come, of this I know and know not of, but yet claim and proclaim it as if I know and know not of what I claim and proclaim. As it has been said in old, “ Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened to you.”