From a Notebook Lost – The Same and The Other 60

by mudrhetoric

In the cathedral, once again, the hollow, empty, resounding voices echo off the walls bouncing back creating an atmosphere of nothingness. What an insipid, inane breed resides in the halls of such a cathedral. None but the religions. I look around and see all the same, conformed to a mold of what I know not of. All eyes, ears, and mouths are sewn shut, and their minds closed. In a slight distance I see a precipice, looming and ominous. Also, I see a line leading to this said precipice. I wonder and ponder why this line is and what they are doing. I follow this line eventually running to the front and see the people plunging into the depths of a pit of which I cannot see the bottom. Perplexed am I of why anyone would do this, so I rush back and ask and seek the answer to this question. Asking the question inside the cathedral, I hear it echo back to me and the answer comes in the same manner. “We must sacrifice to appease god.” “But why, oh why?” “We must sacrifice to appease god.” “Why?” “We must sacrifice to appease god.” Grasping my head within my hands, I fall to my knees and cry out for these sheep. But all I hear is the echo. And the continual resonating of the answer I received. “We must sacrifice to appease god.” Why would any follow so blindly a belief that would lead them to death? I know and know not why, but I ask and seek anyway, but receive nothing, but nothing. Rushing back to the front of the line, I yell and shout, and pull and tug to try to save them, but I cannot lead them away from the edge. Rushing back I cry out and fall to the ground in exhaustion and fall into a slumber and dream a dream. I ascend into heaven at the speed of gravity and meet my master, Samuel, of who I am his slave. His eyes of flame sear through my soul and I feel a burning inside of me. Suddenly his voice booms, “What seekest thou slave of Samuel, the Arch of -Ness?” Standing still, I quickly fall to my knees, and cry out, “Oh Samuel, your humble slave, beseeches in a quiet and meek and humble manner, why are people sheep?” He rise up and goes to heights unseen and then turns into a woman, whose beauties are unmatched and beyond all beyond. He speaks to me, “The sheep are drawn to grass and water. The sheep seek satisfaction. The sheep go to the master. The sheep refuse to think. They sheep are blind, deaf, and dumb.” He raises up once again and turns into a sheep. “The sheep follow the master. The sheep seek their own. The sheep know and learn nothing. The sheep are sheep.” Rearing up once again he goes to heights unseen, and returns in a flame form, and peers once more into my soul. Lying prostrate in front of him, I wail out, “Thank you, oh exalted Samuel, your humble slave has been satisfied, bid me leave, Arch of -Ness, if it be your pleasure, your meek and lowly slave requests.” He stands there just looking down and through me. Suddenly I was returned, and he was gone. I looked around the cathedral and was overcome with grief to a point of sickness in my stomach. Crying, I go to sleep thinking of the sheep, the sheep.