From a Notebook Lost – The Same and The Other 59

by mudrhetoric

A supposed supposed, that is a suppose supposes, or supposing a supposed supposes, then what supposed the suppose supposing. Supposing supposes supposing that supposed supposing supposed. Oh how confused am I, I suppose. I walk left. I walk right. I walk down the road. I walk up the road. From side to side also, and in other directions I have not yet named because I am confused. This day the sun was shining, the wind gently blowing, birds singing, it was a beautiful day, but I was confused. I was confused by motion and movement. I said, “Why same and not other?” or “Why the other not the same?” “Why when I use my legs or arms or any part of my outward body does it move?” or “Why does it move the way and direction it does?” “Why is left not right?” or “Why is right not left?” “Why is up not down?” or “Why is down not up?” And other questions along this interrogation line of questioning. I looked around me and all was moving (swaying). Back and forth and forth and back and I wondered, Why?! But I have no answers, but many questions. I am perplexed by this apparent problem. Where can I find answers to my questions? For what point is it to have questions with no apparent answers. I see no point, but still questions remain. I try to break from the laws of motions. Making right=left and up=down and vice versa, but it is impossible. I shake my head at this and scratch my chin trying to think of another way around this law. Again, I try again, but fail again I do. So I throw my hands up and try something else, but can think of nothing. So I blindly accept what I cannot accept, so I cannot accept what I blindly accept. So what can I accept if I know not of what to accept. I still have my questions, but must accept that there is no answer that my mind can logically deduce. So I accept nothing, and continue in my confusion, but it is better than being blind. I would rather be confused than a sheep. But my confusion has made me tired, so I move to rest, which confuses me, to rest I stop motion, which confuses me, but still I sleep for when I sleep i think not of what I know and know not, but only sleep. Drifting off I stand now in a rest state of no motion, or in other words, sleep.