From a Notebook Lost – The Same and The Other 57

by mudrhetoric

What has a sway with is(are), were(was), will be(shall come)? First what is is(are), were(was), will be(shall come)? Just our human confines for time, a judgment to compare to, for, our existence. So they hold sway with existence and this language. But from whence and whither and thither they sway, from same to other or other to same. I know and know not. What is sway? It is the ability to move and create and have a causeness and effectness. So for something to hold sway it must do one of the former. Not all has a sway, for some must be swayed for a sway to be. The other has sway to same. The same has sway to other. But even thus our humanness and subject-object relation distorts and dilutes this said understanding and knowledge and knowledgeless. Because of our existence language all we know and know not is set into the limits and boundaries or which we are confined and strapped to and cannot escape from. So when we speak and talk all is de-formed and conformed to our existence language. So perhaps this also holds sway. I know and know not.