From a Notebook Lost – The Same and The Other 56

by mudrhetoric

You see the effect but not the cause. As in electricity, so is there a cause, I ask. You must have faith that there is a cause. Even when you see both the effect and the cause, are you rally seeing the cause or effect? It I touch ice, my hands get cold, but which is the cause and which is the effect? I know and know not. And this leads to another question: What is the causation of causality of cause and what is the effection of effectivity of effects? I know and know not. But will say that none can lay a base-of-basis for a cause or effect. Again, yet again, faith is the key to this. We must have faith that a cause causes and an effect effects for we have no base-of-basis for either of these. We say, “but this causes this, this effects this.” But we know and know not for our language is but used to affirm and confirm our existence and is therefore quite empty and hollow for if we know and know not the base-of-basis, how can we affirm or confirm everything, anything, and nothing? What causes cause? What effects effect? I know and know not. Can we then say the cause-of-causes and the effect-of-effects is but one in the same? Do the both stem from one root and bear the same fruit? But what is this sameness, I know and know not, perhaps the other is where it lies, hidden and concealed. Is this the said answer for the said question. I know and know not.