From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 54

by mudrhetoric

What is the substance? What is the stuffs? What is the matter? What is the material? What is the elements? From what, of what, of whatness. Did is not once come and go and go and come? As this river flows as did all. Time, creating, creation, the base of basis, but now the river has dried up and died, is this true with the before mentioned concepts? Have they now run their course, come to an ending. Has the “de”-consumed what is, was, and will be? Will a “re” be able to defeat and conquer the “de”(ing)? Can a “re”(ing) overcome this “de”(ing)? I know and know not. But I shall presume, assume, postsume, that no, the “re”(ing) will not overcome the completed “de”(ing) I now posit, proclaim, postulate, that once done we cannot return to the now or moment before it was created and then started. As said, “What’s done is done.” Simple though it be, the simple always explains the complex and complicated. So I will go one step further in saying this, Once started you cannot stop at all, as it may be, until it is finished, where, what, how, who, when, it will be. The only way to stop a “de”(ing) is never to start it, for a “re”(ing) cannot stop it, but only when the “de”(ing) is complete, start over from the ashes and remnants of whatever was “de”(ed) and it can never be as it was before it was “de”(ed) As it is “de”(ed) some or all will disappear forever and it will not be able to be “re”(ed). So the only effective way to stop a “de”(ing) is never to start it.