From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 52

by mudrhetoric

It is resolute in its resoluteness. As much, as must, as something and nothing can. Can something in-itself be someness or can nothing in itself be nothingness? Can in-itself claim in-itselfness? I know and know not. But for certain certainess is in-itself certain. Just as knowledge knows in-itself knowness. So as to say, “I am resolute in my resoluteness” would be non-truth, but if I was to say “It is resolute in its resoluteness” it would be truth. For in the former exists human subjectivity and a non-knowing knowing. But in the latte4r it is an object and has only knowledge of itself and can then be objective for no outside, external influences effect or affect it and has only a knowing as a knowing of itself. As in the former its non-knowing knowing is of itself and that is where subjectivity comes in, but as in the latter whereas the object can only know of itself. For each object can know only of its objectness. Whereas a subject cannot know his subjetness but know of it. If we could only know of subjectness then could we be resolute but since we can claim hold to knowledge other than subjetness we cannot be resolute for our knowledge is diluted by other knowledge that we have knowledge of. But as for the object it knows only of its objectness and cannot grasp or lay hold to other knowledge as to dilute its resoluteness of resolute. For its objectness is all it knows. And us subjects with a subjectness have knowledge of knowing that is outside our subjectness and can then therefore never have a resoluteness in resolute.