From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 50 (the closing of notebook one)

by mudrhetoric


Whether I live or die: It be the same.

Can you feel?
Can you feel the light coming?
Can you feel the light coming from the heavens above?
Can you see the question?
Do you know the answers?
We must go back to where we first started.
That’s the beginning.
Where we last ended.
Before we started over.
We must go back to the beginning.

Proponderance: Russian Doctrine; bring in 200 troops to arrest one person. Useless to resist and puts fear in the people.

Hegel’s Dialectical Reasoning:
History is made up of a number of culture periods, each one the expression of a dominant spirit or idea. After fulfilling its purpose, a period is confronted by another contradictory idea or set of values. In Hegel’s terms, the traditional (thesis) is challenged by the new (antithesis). Out of this struggle there comes a (synthesis) of old and new. Then the cycle starts all over again.

The wind comes and the wind goes, but where does it come and where does it go.

Scapes (Chapter Title)

Bashing Buffalo Sabres: God’s Highest Calling

The Deception (Chapter Title)
The Breeds (Chapter Title)

Delusion Illusion
Vision Revelations

Hymns (Chapter Title)
Questions (Chapter Title)
Failures (Chapter Title)

Goal, Point, Reason, Meaning, Purpose
Set a stone of remembrance
A revelation of some report
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Codex, Summa

Chapter Titles
Paean, Hymns, Anthem, Psalm, Questions, Failures, The Breeds, Scapes, The Deception

woe, sorrow, ether, fall, else

Sol, Helios, Ra: Gods of the Sun (Roman, Greek, Egypt)


It exists therein as.
It exists therein is.
Insomuch as being – is – being – for – being – as – being
is being.

An empty hollow sound resounds and echoes off the walls of the church.

Book Title
The Same and The Other

The Same (Chapter Headings)

The Other (Chapter Headings)

In-Between (The Same and The Other)
The Deception (Sisyphus) (Azza)

Qua comes to Qua.
Qua is, in Qua, Qua is.