From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 48

by mudrhetoric

It has gone and come yet come and gone. Of what now, of when now, of who now, of why now, of how now. Again reoccurrence of what has occurred already now has yet reoccurred again even as it occurs it occurred and then it reoccurred. An object is as it is but not as is as it is. If it has life infused into it it becomes subject ans subject to. As the object is just subject to. This force, this energy, an existence and an essence, named life brings us alone an object status and make such object, which are still objects our subjects, but if that and this object become full of life then they could be our subjecters and us subject to even as a subject we could be or become subjecters. So a solitary idea of life controls the nothing and all. It makes us something or nothing. A subjecter, subject, subject to, in this is all that is and was and will be. Beyond this there is none. That and this I know and know not. As to all and none they and we and I and you are, were, and will be as such as I have named and explained above. This and that I know and know not. A choice, we have not one in this and that situation and or circumstance, if we ever have one to begin with. For one we must become whether it be subjecter, subject, or subject to. One we will become. Of that and this I know and know not.