From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 45

by mudrhetoric

In a said relative state with a semblance of reality we sit and stand and look about for the coming of something and nothing. Yet even the same and the other, do we wait upon, and wait even still, and wait even later, we shall. At it comes and becomes, we will and won’t notice what we will, as it comes and becomes. Mine and yours eyes, ears, mouths, will not and later be used to see, hear, speak, to all and none of what and what not. An addition to this proposition will be made so as to explain that I know and know not. Though unknown I will name it and explain it so as to me so I understand that I know and know not. Grasp for a precept, a concept, the same, the other, but know you that if you grasp not you will fall into yet another unknown which I will also name and explain it so as to me so I understand, that I know and know not. As now it is and was and will be that I will name as to explain for me to understand.