From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 44

by mudrhetoric

Yet a whisper came to me carried by the four winds and also the tuffs of flowers. I closed mine eyes and mouth and listened to their sweet murmurs of nothing and something. Soothing and comforting were their words to me. It was melodic and harmonious and set to verse. A song that made my innermost and outermost crave to dance and sing in a joyful jubilant manner. It went as I will tell you.

Be as we, fluid and floating and flowing to whence and where and when. Coming how and who and what. A fleeting moment, a now, a time will come, has come, is come, is come, has come, will come. Have your senses touched so you feel and have emotion throughout your corpeal(?) form. May you be as your soul and spirit which have no end nor beginning, no start nor finish. Just an infinite eternity to an eternity. The physical and mental are now as one, and one cannot be without the other. So now, in this moment, a time, you and they and same and other know and know not. A connection made between something and nothing. An all encompassing will and power that consumes and consummates this connection and knowing and knowing not. Flow, flew, and be fluid as you were and make motion. Become, be is, were, will be, become.

This ends my recollection of the siren song. This wail of epic and legendary beauty. I only wish I could remember all, but memory is fleeting. A moment, a now, a time, can only be remembered for so long before it becomes extinct. So I strive to think and remember and have memory of things of this nature and importance, though what type of importance, I know and know not. But know and know not that as I am, I will not were, and as I were, I will not be, and as I will be, I am not. But only as the now, moment, time is, were, and will be, for it is the constant connection between knowing and knowing not, something and nothing. I and you and they and same and other. This be the connection, a now, a moment, a time. This be the connection.