From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 42

by mudrhetoric

Is this continuum contingent on a goal, point, reason, meaning, purpose? Do I set the confines of this problem, situation? Have I set the boundaries which cannot be crossed and nothing set up against them? Have I created this wall and these walls for which we are trapped and contained and cannot move and make motion? Is it I who has done this be it by will or mind or power? Is it I who has done this? I know and know not and know now and know. Is it by delusions and or illusions and or phantasms that I think and talk of things such as these? Or is it logic, and or common sense, and or method that I cam e to think and talk of such things? Or something or nothing that I know and know not of? I know and know not and know not and know. But I came to a conclusion that perhaps I am right or wrong or wrong or right. I see now a conundrum, and or paradox of which I know and know not. I have not an answer or solution, so I am confounded by this wall I may or may not have created. I cannot move or make motion for I am confined and trapped by walls I may or may not have created. And if I not have created them then they or something or nothing created them for what, I know and know not. Perhaps I am their experiment, I know and know not. But I know and know not if not I, then they, if not they, then something, if not something, then nothing, if not nothing, then I. There is my circle of same, continually it haunts me, seeking nothing, but waits patiently, it haunts me once again, the circle of same. It , everpresence(?), overwhelms me and consumes what I am, but always the circle of same. What now is was and what was will be and what will be is and so on and so forth is the circle of the same.