From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 39

by mudrhetoric

A search beings, a said exodus, a journey to. Where to begin, start, end, finish. We must make all these choices (if we make any) now so we can move and make motion to a goal, point, purpose, meaning, reason. So now, and not later must a choice (if we make any) be made to move and make motion. Stop and go to.. Go and stop to.. Start and finish and so on and so forth….. Begin and end and so on and so forth….. End and being and so on and so forth….. Finish and start and so on and so forth….. So it is and was and will be or as it will be and was and is. An other,, a same, a formulation of a paradox, enigma, an unknown. Value and worth to an object, organism. Listen, expound, sojourn for a while or not or so or not. A center, a vertex, a line to somewhere and nowhere and yet somewhere and nowhere. Must we.. must you and I and I and you make a choice (if we make any) to stop and go and go and stop? To begin? To end? To start? To finish? And so on and so forth? An anguish, an angst, an unanswered desire and passion. A fullness and completeness known by none and none and the other. To the same known but not known. To that I know and know not. Night falls and is falling and dusk draws near and nigh and comes once gain to an end, finish, or beginning, start, and so on and so forth.