From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 37

by mudrhetoric

How long shall we.. How long must we.. How long will we tarry here and there? Whether it be merely physical or mental or yet in a sense or senseless. Will a moment and or movement hold us here and there. Must now disappear and or vanish completely to become a nothing. Will the here and there become nothing. When we tarry no longer will we become a nothing? Is all to become a nothing? And now even a nothing to which it becomes a nothing, and then a now to nothing once more until when, I know not but a nothing. It seems to move in a fluid motion flowing easily as a cloud on a breeze. Oh so gently and smoothly, almost non-existent but exists it does. Though it seems a change has occurred not again one has just below our line of vision and out of our sight and view. The here and there, as we tarry no longer, though we tarry no longer perhaps someone or something will tarry here and there, until when it becomes a nothing. I know not when, but when. Though I know not I become a nothing, whether we know or know not, a nothing we become, to nothing we become, a nothing.