From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 36

by mudrhetoric

Have you come to ask questions of no known origin and in fact have no known answers? To make a fool of me for not knowing when in fact you know not as well, and are indeed a fool for asking? As such, why I ask then therefore would you ask knowing no answer exists and know this you do as well as I, but indeed you ask anyway? Perhaps you wish to be a fool, I know not, but know not why. Or you seek knowledge of the known unknown which is known of but remains unknown still. But if none yet know the unknown how are we to know the unknown. All seek to know, but still know not what they know and seek to know, they know not. We seek, ask, and know not, but still we ask and seek, and know not. Or perhaps you wish to make me a fool, I know not, but know not why. Of these I know not which applies to you, and perhaps other possibilities exist that I know not, but wish to know and know why, but know not and know not why. Even now I ask and seek, but know not but wish to know. Even now I ask and seek but know not why but wish to know why. But still I know not and know not why, but I ask and see to know and know why.