From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 34

by mudrhetoric

As walking along the path through the wilderness, along the brook that runs also through it, and seems to me to go on forever in two separate directions. I glance into the brook and see my reflection and lean down and drink of the brook. In a moment I feel lightheaded and nauseated. I see a rock and lay myself upon the rock and hold my stomach as I reel back and forth in a needle like pain. A vision came to me, quite lucid and sublime in its nature and it calms me. My writing pain goes away and I lift myself up and dust myself off and head along the path yet again. Thinking and pondering and meditating on the vision I had had and go along the way waiting for a moment to reveal and share my visions and my truths. But mine time has not yet come, but I know and know not that mine time will come. So I walk along the path and go on mulling over my thoughts and waiting for mine time of which I know and know not when but I go on, waiting, and thinking and pondering and meditating and waiting as I go on the path that i go on.