From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 33

by mudrhetoric

But an illusion, a hallucination, stands before me. Grasping, I cannot hold my position. I fear the seeping ans sapping of all and nothing. Faltering in mine steps I fall to the ground in a heap and cannot lift myself out of exhaustion, hunger, and thirst. An ache wells within me, stemming from my soul. I have a pure and true angst. Unutterable words come from me as I wallow in pain in the dirt and mud and sand and clay. My heart is pulsating and my head throbs from within. Systematically I begin to shut down and go to an unconscious state of which I know and know not of but fear nonetheless or allthemoreso. I reach my hands to the heavens trying to hold on to nothing, but grab only vanity and futility. Shutting my eyes, flashes and visions flutter through my mind.


Woe to all! Fear and trembling to all!
All who follow the teachings of Diallelonous and Diallelusous!
Those liars and false teachers. They know nothing yet less than nothing. The talk in circles. All circles are continuous and have no end but only a beginning and they go from beginning to beginning. How are we to learn when we end where we began only to begin yet once more as the circle goes. These two cause diseases that are so highly contagious and spread like an epidemic to all who might hear their words of fallacy. Yet also they cause all types of aches and pains. It pains me to see and hear and speak to them and their followers for they know not the error of their ways and refuse to listen to reason and to a rational mind. I fear their teachers have so indoctrinated them. That there is no turning them back to the path. But it raises a question? Why would any choose this way of lies and untruths? Then it occurs to me. It is so simple. They want the easy way. They want to be told what to do. They do not want to think. They want someone else to think for them. What a contemptuous breed this be! Lazy and slothful and worthless, so easily led away to their destruction. But yet a breed is of some worth to me. For they are easily controlled and will do as I tell them. So they, the breeds, are of some use. For they will do and believe as I tell the. So though lowly and worthless, for a time they will be of a use, my use.