From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 29

by mudrhetoric

An echo of old resounds through my ears and into my head. A story and parable it tells me of and I listen with all earnest to its soft whispers. I try to make out all the words, and I believe I did and do and will do. It sings to me.

“Come listen to all and none. The darkness has come and gone and the sun is lifted up to the heavens. The night while still and quiet has ended. So welcome the morning dew, which drips gently off the petals of tulips. A new song has awakened. Taste the honeydew melon it is sweet and nourishing and fills the stomach and the soul. Lay in the wildflowers and absorb the fragrances that flow out and from them and in them and around them. Drink of the juices, which shall become your life’s blood. Come an be full and content with you fullness. Sing my song.