From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 27

by mudrhetoric

Must now I go and much I go to learn and understand and know. Then to speak of what I learn and understand and know. I wish to be an open book to all who seek my counsel and wish, as I do, to learn and understand and know. Then for them to speak of what they learn and understand and know. What worth is knowledge if we not tell others about it? If I contain it and not tell others I am just like a turtle living in my shell. So to all who beseech me I will give freely of what I have and as should you to all who beseech you. Deny no one for what I have is of no worth if I be a turtle. I wish to be a bird flying and singing my song to all who hear. Hoping and wishing one who hears will also sing with me. “Come fly and sing with me.” I should. “ Come and sing.” i want to share, like the bird, my song with everyone and anything. So come with me and share what we have with all who beech us. Come and sing with me.