From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 26

by mudrhetoric

An echo resounds off the walls of the empty cathedral. Still in its glory, no longer does any come to look in its architectural glory. It towers well over head reaching towards the heavens. It towers have bells that are as large as I have ever seen and sound off each in its proper order and turn. They sing a tune of a funeral procession. Sad and dead, for he halls and pews are now empty and collecting dust. Some ways away (perhaps 1,000 to 2,000 yards) is a house, that is also empty. The parishioner used to live there and was probably very happy here in this beautiful paradise. The rolling hills once full of lush green grass are now barren and desolate. There used to be a fores of maple, fir, pine, walnut, trees surrounding this area, but those, as well, lie dead and useless, leaving no more fruit. The fields use to yield roses, corn, wheat, tulips, and many other sweet smelling flowers. Now only has thistles and tumbleweed strewn about and the soil is dried up. But what has happened here, has God turned his eye away from this place. Is this land cursed never to live again? Reaching into my pocket I pull out some seeds and plant them into the ground and say, “May you prosper and bloom and grow to great heights. May your fruit nourish all who eat of it.” Covering them with dirt, I move away from this place. Towards the house I move. The windows are caked in grime, dirt, and dust and i cannot see into the house. I think on how this is like the breeds of the human race. So dark and dirty that I cannot see in. The door, in the back and in the front are hanging on their hinges. They make an eerie creaking noise as they rock back and forth on their hinges. Gingerly I move towards the door and then decide otherwise and walk towards the cathedral once again, where I started from originally. I look one last time over the wasteland and move away from this place.