From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 23

by mudrhetoric

You go where you please, I no longer wish to be in your company. You bring me much grief and displeasure. I wish for you to stay, but not in your present state and condition, a more apt term. You must leave; so you can learn, understand, and know. I no longer can help you. You must find out on your own now. Oh, how I wish you could stay, but sadly you cannot. So go quickly and find your path and way. Then when you have found it return only then to me. So we can go on again. But you must learn no on your own. For the lessons you now need can only be learned by yourself. It will be lonely and cold, but for you to come back to me, you must go. I do this not only for your good but also mine. We need a time of separation, so we can grow closer together. So find your way and path and if the gods deem it we will be together once again. That is my hope, but if it not happen, then so be it. But I think and believe it will happen again, and we will be together once more. You also think and believe it, that is why I think and believe it will happen. Our minds are one on this matter, and when you find your way and path it will be on many other matters as well. Our oneness will bring us back together, just as our double mindedness has torn us apart. So linger no longer here with me and be on your way so we might meet and greet once again and be better than we ever were before. For as e are now it be teacher and student, father and son, mother and daughter, master and slave. When you return we will be equals mind to mind, soul to soul, will to will. That is why it is important for you to go, so that we may be better for it and I can teach you no more. With all urgency go, it is of the utmost importance that you go today. Do today what you should do today. Do tomorrow what you should do tomorrow. Do yesterday what you should do yesterday. That be the last thing I can teach you. So go now, I hug and kiss you goodbye. I wave farewell and we smile at each other. For we know that we will meet again.