From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 21

by mudrhetoric


Another breed has made a horrible stench in my nostrils. It be the arrogant, ignorant, slothful breed. Oh why do such breeds exist. I know not why an breed that is worthless is allowed to exist. They waste our time and energy and life away. This breed also be a parasite, but also a hyena, eating away at you, even when you are dead. They roam about doing nothing until they see a nice lively body to attach themselves to. Then when they have taken our life from us, they eat us until we no longer exist. This breed is more putrid and pungent then I have ever seen. This be like the first breed but more repulsive and disgusting. Let them be put on each other. Let them gnaw at their own bodies till nothing is left of them. Let their open wounds fester and pus that stings flow out of them. Put sore upon sore upon sore. Let them not go without a day of pain. Let them feel the worthlessness of themselves. Let them realize that they are nothing and feel the emptiness of this realization. May a hole be put in their soul that cannot be filled. Then let that be their reward. To become what they are, and not what they think. Let that be their reward.