MME opened the Door (Part 1)

by mudrhetoric

MME opened the door.

After a series of raps had interrupted her thoughts.

Inwardly, she stewed, thinking of the rudeness of whomever it was who dare disturb her.

Her hair was up, in a tuft, and her mouth resisted; as she brought her hand up to brush her lashes.

Moving as she prepared herself for whom was at the door. She stopped and peered into the mirror traveling her tongue over teeth and taking one final glance, a check over, before she answered the door.

As she reached for the knob her mind raced for the words she sought to say. Content within herself she thrust the door open and adverted her gaze to capture whoever knocked upon the door.

There stood a man, foppish in his appearance, a top hat slightly cocked and his eyes gleaming with possession. A slight movement of his hand and his hat was off to show respect to MME. His hair fell forward, locks of such hue-like beauty. It danced as it fell. His mouth moved as if to speak, but he quickly retorted, his eyes affixed, searching his mind for the words.