From a Notebook Lost – The Same and The Other 20

by mudrhetoric

Look and see the bird fly over our heads. It flaps and flutters its wings and defies gravity. I stand in awe and wish I could do the same. I jump and flap and flutter my arms but I am unsuccessful. So I tray again harder, but yet I fail again. Yet another think I have failed at. I heap failures upon failures upon failures, be them rational or not. This is me a failure in all I do. I cannot fly, why can I not fly. I know not. I try and try and try, and fail and fail and fail. I am a living lesson of trying. But what has my trying got me, nothing but failure. Learn from me, we cannot fly, gravity has not been beaten by us. The birds must be some form of a higher organism. For they have defeated gravity. So maybe there be something we can learn from them. I watch as the bird with all ease swoops up and down and side to side. It seems they notice not gravity. It does not exist to them, unless they want it to exist. Perhaps that is it. Existence is all in the mind, as well as the laws. Everything and anything exists solely in the mind. Or maybe the birds cannot grasp the concept of gravity and that is why they are not contained by it. I know not. Both possibilities seem plausible to me, but perhaps there is another that I have failed to consider. I know not. But if either be possible, I will strive towards those. If they even are possible, I will try. For maybe I will not fail, if I try once more. I know not. So the birds look down upon me and wonder why I am not with them, and I wonder the same thing as well. Their eyes pierce mine and we both are thinking on the same wave length. Wondering and pondering why we are not together. So I must now exist here and the birds there, and we are separated until I learn what the birds know, or they learn what I know. I know not whether this be possible or not. I will try. That is all I can do. I will try.