From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 19

by mudrhetoric

The gentle breeze moves the leaves along the ground. They roll end over end as they go skyward and back down to the earth. They fly with an ease through the air, but have not control wither they come or wither they go. To me they seem not to care, but jubilant, light, and carefree. Much happier than I, for that I am sure. Perhaps they fail to see the larger picture, the grand play, the final story, or perhaps they just don’t care. Or maybe they just play their part that was written for them. For each of us has a part and we are constantly performing. There be no point in which we stop acting, for our part is never ending. It is endless. Maybe they are just doing what is written for them, or perhaps they just don’t care. Do they not see what the wind does? How it destroys rocks over many many years. They, the rocks, like us slowly erode to dust and then to nothing. Our dust is lost in the ground or water never to be found or seen again. Or do they just not care? As you walk on the dirt or along the shores of oceans, lakes, rivers, and walk on their sand think on all who were and now are nothing. We stand, sit, and walk on the past which is now nothing. We will eventually be part of the sand and dirt and the future will walk on us. Who knows if anyone will remember me? I am now the dirt and sand. I will be forgotten and all will be an end. Remember not me; all will be an end. You, the future, will eventually be me, the past, and many will walk on you, the dirt and sand. We will be trodden down upon those who were before us, and we will be with them, for this be our lot in life. For if you cannot learn from the past, you are condemned to repeat it, and we never learn. Perhaps in another time, when I am long gone, a future generation will not be doomed to nothing. But I cannot be sure, I can only hope. It is already too late for me, but maybe not for you, the future. So learn where we failed to learn. So you be not condemned as we are. So when you walk look at your feet at the dirt and sand and think of us, and learn. For if you not learn you will become one with us, for that I am certain, and it will be your lot in life. So learn where we have failed. So learn.