From a Notebooks Lost: The Same and The Other 16

by mudrhetoric

*The Breeds

How much more can I and you take? This disgusting repulsive race of humans. Who wish to stay comfortable and not consort with others who are different, not better nor worse, just different. This breed of the race of humans tend only to each other, and care not what happens to another of the real human race. They speak in kindness and sweet loving words, but they fell only contempt, hatred, and bitterness. Bitterness that the real human race exists. Belief that eventually they will triumph in victory the real human race, but that is not so. For the real human race will crush those who get in its way, and all who preach a supreme race and or intolerant and indifferent way. All who think and believe such things, will be destroyed in any way you can think of. Why should this sect and breed even have been created? Be it a separation of race or religion or culture that thinks itself best. I am better than you and you are worse than me. How detestable even to think or believe such things, but to say and do an abomination and should make all who see it retch and reel and feel all forms of sickness and disease in the bowels and loins of their bodies. That should be our reaction to their actions. We should cut them off, so that their seed not remain on this earth on which we live. Let them turn to dust so we many no longer think or see them. Let us sweep them away and put them in their place, which be the trash. With all the other smelly vermin. Let them go back to their kind, being parasites. Let their worth be shown to all, and it be none. Many their innards be eaten alive by jackals and their outards consumed by maggots. Then let that be their rewards. To become what the are, and not what they think. Let that be their reward.