From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 12

by mudrhetoric

This I spake and spoke and spoken unto you, and we or no one or someone or anyone who would listen, as I did. To hear and see then to speak, but also to speak and then see and hear. This constant flow goes by like a river running through a valley in which it has always run. Already set in its way, it goes along its way, but still it overflows, as I do when filled when filled to my fullness points. Then must it spew over its set limits and boundaries, and overcome what be in its way. Though it might wish to not it must for it has no choice, so it must. As do I, so I live in my constant and yet also your constant, so I live. For all who are full and overflowing must somehow stem the flow from whence it came, and overcome it. To move in a direction, be it forward, backward, or side to side. So I, in my constant, and you in yours, now exist in this manner. That our fullness will be just full and not overflowing or empty, but instead content. So I and you and you and I now strive to become content like a lake set in a far off land not yet disturbed by man nor beast. Still and peaceful it sits, quietly just waiting for the end, but content to sit waiting. I believe it is smiling to me, at me, for me, to explain to me its contentment and shew me its peace, Listen, and hear nothing, feel not the wind, for it blows not here nor there, the sun’s rays are no longer effective, the stillness and nothing are all that is here. It sits in its quiet contentment, just waiting. But, oh us humans, (who act like beasts from time to time) cannot grasp the quiet, the still, nothing, so we cannot have peace and contentment. We live with a constant struggle within ourselves; which be goal, purpose, meaning, a point. But the lake be the opposite of a river. Though they share some of the same; they are different. But we be only as one, but should be the other or are the other, but I should only be as one. So this struggles continues inside of us, and the same always triumphs, for that is just human nature. We seek something, but wish not to find it. For if we did: Nothing! We cause this struggle for a goal, purpose, meaning, a point, for the truth be nothing! We feel a need to move and to stretch are limits, to create motion, and not nothing. But just as the river runs, it will surely dry up and die, turning to mud and dirt and become a worthless nothing, to be trodden on upon by all and no one. Desolate and barren it now exists for nothing. So be us as well, who run like the river, we also will die and become a worthless nothing. For out well has dried up, and now w are nothing. We have become what we had not wished to know and be. We denied the truth until it consumed and destroyed us. Now what has become, nothing. But somehow the lake has lasted and sustained itself. Perhaps a spring flows underneath the lake, that I know not of and cannot see. Or a god in his power keeps it as such for pleasure or a reason only he knows. But its patient waiting and being content in what it was made it last for an eternity or even longer. Its realization and acceptance of the truth are all that saved it from the river’s fate. But now we know and still go the way of destruction. Oh woe to man and our curse we have set upon ourselves. An endless cycle that lead out to an end of worthless destruction. So turn and turn not for your and my way and path be set before us. I go left; you go right, but we will end the same. For none can leave the path which is set for all mankind. All must go the way, that means only destruction. Go we must and go we shall, but go to go: so we go.