From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 9

by mudrhetoric

As it now seems in the fashion that now we must go and not go to be gone in a manner in which we will be gone and not gone. Now said and I say to say this in a way as to understand what I may and may not say or have said already and now fail to realize that I say what I said or not. But to complete this thought sequence or pattern we must do and do not something as to now understand. See I explain this way, or this way, or this way, but still I sit and stand and not comprehend the confoundation of this structure that I have now created in a manner that now I wish to understand but do not and do in a way. Now move your hands to emphasize what you mean even if you not know what you mean, for we only need to believe that you or I believe what we believe and nothing else matters for now, but only if you believe what you believe, for if you do not believe what you believe then you just pretend in a pseudo manner that you believe what you do not believe. For I or you only need to believe in a manner as such to persuade others and you and I that we believe what we do and do not believe and that be all and all. So as I just now not before but just now, even now I say what I was saying, or am saying or will be saying at sometime or another. But still I will be saying what I am now saying or what I was saying and will be saying at some time or another. So I only say what I am saying and what I was saying and what I will say at some time or another. So there be some substance or not to what I say, and if not now perhaps there will be or has been at some time or another. But it seems that now what I say was what I was saying and what I will be saying. So as to mean that the message change not, whether I say it now, or have said it before, or will say it after for it be the same from what I can understand. So I say and say not or what I can and cannot and do and do not. So that it be and be not I can and cannot know and know not and do and do not for it be done and not done, but my thought must be complete or not or so. Now I think in this way and not in this way but another way that is not this way but another way. So must it be an answer or said solution or something I cannot yet name, but have known all this time but still-will act surprised when I find our what I already know and know and have known and will know but already know and know but act as if I did not know, as to be surprised when I say the name or something I do or do not yet know, but do know and know but must act as if I did not know as to be surprised that I know and know and have known and will know the name of what I do not know. Moseying along the path that is a path that leads to somewhere or not. I notice something and nothing at the same time which be interesting since they are always there with each other. So if you notice once you must then notice the other, but sometimes I only notice one and not the other and sometimes I notice the other but not the one. This should not be so since one and the other are always together and not separated in any shape or form. So to notice only one and not the other is abnormal, and to notice the other but not the one is unusual. As far as I can tell then I must be abnormal and highly unusual, which makes sense in one way but in another way does not make sense. So I must have some flow that I cannot see something or nothing in their combined complete forms. But sometimes I can so now where do I go or go from here. I know not where, but can only go for I must figure our what I know and know not and notice more something and nothing, and in the long run I hope to see both at the same time in their combined complete forms. So now I sit and stand as to know what I know not and know not what I know, but I sit and stand none the less until I know and know not