From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 8

by mudrhetoric

Not now, but maybe later, perhaps now, but not later, maybe perhaps later and now or in between or both at the same time or in separate moments, but one or the other or both, later and now. So you see the conundrum we have at this present time. How might you, we, us, do or done in this very situation? As far as I and me know not, but perhaps know or know not a solution. For I know not and me know not and you know or know not a solution. Or is it I know and me know not or I know not and me know or I know and know not and me know or know not, for we know and know not that you know and know not. So in this way decide only on what you know and know not, there within must be a type of solution, in the not know and know. But in this manner decide not on what you not know and know, there within be a type of solution. But this solution, may not or maybe the type of solution you need for this conundrum, but a type of solution, you may or may not need at a later date. So you must discern in this conundrum, what type of solution you need or need not, but this be something we know or know not, meaning how to discern between types of solutions for this conundrum. How curious it be, that we know and know not, and not know and know. It makes no sense, but also makes perfect sense, which makes sense and no sense. But I choose, (or do I), not to dwell on this subject of sense and no sense for it confuses me so, and I like not to be confused, for it confuse me even more that when I was first confused, which confused me. So sense and no sense one what I think not on, but they be one of many things of which I think not on. So as it be and as it were, as it will be, so it be and be and not be and not be and be.