From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 6

by mudrhetoric

The leaves fall reminding me of the tears that once flowed from my eyes. Be them tears of joy, grief, or sorrow. How I long to be there once more, before my tears dried up, and now I live as a shell of what I once was. Despair has come over me for my want of an emotion I can no longer muster up. So I seep along slowly and sudden for now I have no reason to act as a rational, logical being. I feel the haunt of grief, sorrow, and happiness in my soul, but now cannot express my deepest or shallow feelings and emotions. How empty and hollow everything seems now. I wander aimlessly, whether I go or have come or gone and go. Hopeless now is a purpose or reason; slowly I walk towards an end. An end to whatever this may be called, for to me it is no longer life, but not yet death. I’m stuck in a timelessness void of which I have created. Now doomed I can do nothing, nothing at all.