Why I Stopped Watching Television II: News

by mudrhetoric

CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and other American news networks are straight up shills. I can’t even think of a better word that so completely explains these television channels. They’re just shills. Cheap, propaganda networks with no concern for ethics or facts. The truth isn’t their aim only mere pandering to the insipidness of their audiences. And I think at one point, this was achieved in an ironic way, but they missed their postmodern turn, and have fully assimilated themselves into the collective. And that should distress you. And that should cause you to feel a sense of growing dread, of growing unease, of ultimate disquietude.
Here’s but three examples of Glenn Greenwald absolutely demolishing what passes for ‘news’ journalism these days:

Greenwald v Meet the Press

Greenwald v MSNBC

Greenwald v CNN

And he’s spot on. They should all be ashamed of themselves, but they’re not. They sit there stupefied with their plastic smiles, vapid expressions, and an underutilized brain. It’s insulting, and you should be insulted, but you’re likely not, because you’re just as much a shill as they are. Trumpeting jingoism like a pubescent boy who just discovered his cock and the oh so wonderful feeling that comes along when it is stroked. It’s depressing. And this is called news… journalism.

“I will never make a criticism if I don’t have a resolution.” Joel Bauer

Simply the greatest website for anyone who is interested in striving to discover actual news, or rather what we used to call news.


It does require some work though, so the average person is likely to continue upon their path grotesque ignorance but no longer can they offer up excuses that they don’t have options, and that they need complexities distilled down to them in bite size forms, like a bird retching and vomiting for its young.

Luckily for these pathetic folks, they have access to Al Jazeera, which while still a shill network, is less so (and more informed) than the aforementioned.


And just don’t even bother with the BBC. That English accent shouldn’t’ curtail your repulsion and disgust.