From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 3

by mudrhetoric

So I move and move not, in some ways a movement or movementless. Now I see, and understand, and know, and perceive of many perceptions, and conceive of many conceptions. Taking my hands, I lift them to the sky, and bark like a dog, while I turn in rapid circles. For a while until I was dizzy, I do this for no reason other then that I could and could not explain while I was doing as I pleased and pleased not to do, but did and did not for no reason as far as I could see at this point in time or not. But instead I in my many perceptions, I conceived a thought much like a women in travail of birth, and moved in movement and movementless, so I did and did not say what thought I conceived. Instead I leaned down and picked up a book that was laying at my feet and began to read. But directions I followed said to go right, forward, left, backward, and it went in this manner for about three or four pages, so I stopped reading, and decided on a course of action, and within myself and certain myself to do what I decided on doing. So I did and did not and did and did and did not and did not and did.