From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 2

by mudrhetoric

It all depends, on whether or not or so depending, on this point of continuous contention, of which your point of view is concerned. But in as such we, as an individual, care not what others might otherwise think, of such a situation or circumstance. Now knowing this, can we step in a direction now without taking a step in a direction? Know not what way this perhaps could happen, but know only what I know, and that be not useful in this particular situation and or circumstance. Must we, stop and then continue, to go anywhere or somewhere or nowhere. Can we not go and go then stop to get somewhere or anywhere or nowhere? Perhaps we stop and go and go and stop to get nowhere or anywhere or nowhere. Or say you we must stop and stop and go and stop and go to get anywhere or nowhere or somewhere? Even if I say we must go and go and stop and stop and go and stop to go somewhere or nowhere or somewhere. Now be it confusing, I mean not that to be so, but as it sometimes is I confuse a matter for no reason or a reason. I confound what I know, to not know what I know to know and know what I not know to know, and it sometimes confuses and confounds what I might think and believe for what I not know, perhaps is what I know and not know, or even what I know is what I not know and know or not.