From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 1

by mudrhetoric

As it seemed to me as I traversed across a patch of land which was barren and desolate but was also lush and full of foliage, for me this was a paradox, that be not understood, in these times, but perhaps at a date, which would be later than this current date, we will have an answer, the missing link, that connects all and everything. Then, and only then, will we have a talk about nothing, and only then, not sooner, but later, we will talk about nothing. The land now, was disgusting and beautiful in a sense, or maybe from a point of view. Yes both make a certain, decent amount of sense, as far as I understand and know. But as I met the line that divided the land, and made the boundary, I jumped from side to side wishing to envelop both places into the folds of my mind. But I do not wish to totally envelop it, for I know not how much my mind can hold, and for now there are other items that I wish to remain remembered and some to be forgotten, so I try not to over stimulate for if I do, I might lose something I wish to remember instead of what I wish to be forgotten. So about the land, I have told to you, all that I remember for the rest was forgotten. So I attached some importance to those thoughts even if they be useless, and perhaps forgot something of more importance, but must not have mattered to me, but could have led you somewhere to think, perhaps. I know not for I forgot the rest, and now what I remember seems to be of no consequence to you or not or so or not or so or so or so or not or so.